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Pipeline Rehabilitation and/or Reinforcement

Aqueduct, pipeline, gas, chemical

According to your technical specifications and schedule, our qualified and certified personnel will perform:

– Pipeline inspection
– Verifications
– Load calculation for reinforcement
– Installation of various reinforcement systems according to PCC2 standards
– Repair durability certification according to the default type (A or B) and code Z662‐11

Trust us to restore the integrity and original properties of your active or inactive Aquawrap, Power Sleeve or Clockspring pipelines. We can work on active pipes without interrupting the system thus avoiding extra costs due to productivity loss.

Our restoration process is PCC2 compliant for type A (‐80% default) and type B systems. You will receive an integrity report once the work is completed.

Repair and permanent reinforcement system for pipes damaged by corrosion or mechanical breakage.

With corrosion resistant sleeves, high‐performance adhesive, and a highly resistant filling material, pipes of all shapes and dimensions can be repaired permanently and at a lower cost.

Repair and permanent reinforcement of pipes, tanks and concrete structures.
Composite materials are very robust and chemical resistant. They work on many surfaces; metals, composites, concrete, plastic, wood. Aquawrap® can also be used under water.

PowerSleeve® is very versatile. It is flexible, adhesive, robust, and chemical resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures.

surface decontamination, cleaning and preparation

No matter the complexity level, parts can be prepared using high pressure washing, mechanical or shot blasting processes.

SSPC and NACE compliant
Shot‐blasting, iron oxide, aluminum oxide, glass beads, cornblast

For cleaning the interior of pipes

Closed circuit shot‐blasting to avoid dust and abrasive waste

Surface stripping and cleaning with no risk of mechanical damage

Residue‐free dry ice and air jet cleaning (electrical and food industries)

SSPC‐SP12/NACE no. 5 compliant
From 3,000 psi to 12,000 psi

For pre-coating surface preparation of concrete vats or floors

industrial coating

Our qualified and certified personnel will take care of the parts coating work with respect to your technical specifications and schedule.

  • Up to 800% elongation
  • High abrasion resistance (ASTM Taber CS-17 < 1 mg)
  • Thermal cycle and crack resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Less than 15 seconds drying time (reduced downtime)
  • 20 to 250 μin thickness for vats and up to ½” on roller


  • Structure, steel storage tank, concrete vats, steel and iron piping
  • Waterproofing of concrete structures, tunnels, dams, floors, etc.
  • Primary retention and secondary treatment ponds
  • Primary retention and secondary treatment ponds
  • Retention ponds on geotextile membrane
  • Paper mills, pulp presses
  • Drinking water tower
  • Water treatment equipment, clarifiers
  • Encapsulation
  • Equipment, chutes, cyclones, vibrating screens, pumps, rollers, etc.

Epoxy, novalac, vinyl ester, phenolic, polyester, Siloxirane®

  • High resistance to chemicals: acids, solvents, salts
  • Resistance to high temperatures up to 400 °F


  • Storage tanks
  • Tank trucks
  • Chemical resistance up to 600 °F
  • Installation on in-service equipment


  • Refinery equipment
  • Furnaces
  • Heat exchangers
  • Incinerators
  • Hydrophobic and non-stick properties
  • Facilitates coated surfaces cleaning


  • Transfer troughs
  • Glue tanks
  • Defrosting
  • 100% Viton® fluoroelastomer
  • Chemical resistance from—40 °F to 400 °F
  • Elongation of 400% (thermal shock)


  • Chemical containment ponds
  • Storage tanks’ interior

Zinc, zinc-aluminium, aluminium

  • Cathodic protection
  • Anti-corrosion protection


  • Anchors and reinforcing bars for machine bases
  • Chests
  • Metal and concrete structures
  • Steel structures

Premier Rubber Membrane®

  • Modified asphalt elastomer
  • Can be used on wet or poorly prepared surfaces
  • Lloyds Register Certificate No. MATS/3780/1.


  • Tanks’ interior (ballast tanks)
  • Waterproofing of concrete vats
  • Steel and gravel roofs
  • Retention ponds on geotextile membrane

project follow-up — Corrolog

We use a unique and renowned method to follow up on projects. The CORROLOG online tool is at the very heart of this method. It simply and effectively shows your project’s evolution in real time. It archives projects for later consultation. Thanks to CORROLOG, teams have continued access to technical and data files and to any project-related documentation.

Our concern for transparency is a key element for maintaining trusting relationships with our clients.